About Cupcake Jones

About Cupcake Jones

Welcome to Princess Cupcake Jones' world!!

Follow Princess Cupcake Jones in her first book, Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu.  In this adventure, when her beloved tutu goes missing, Cupcake learns the importance of tidying up and putting things in their proper place. Join Princess Cupcake Jones as she searches her palace in hopes of finding her tutu and discovers hidden treasures along the way.

Princess Cupcake returns!  In the second book of the Series, Princess Cupcake Jones Won't Go To School, national award-winning author Ylleya Fields delivers a valuable message about facing fears of starting school. With the same gentle, rhyming cadence and vibrant illustrations, this captivating story helps children and their parents learn about sharing feelings, taking risks, and being supportive for new adventures. All will delight and learn as Princess Cupcake finally begins her first day of school.

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Princess Cupcake Jones Saddles Up


Princess Cupcake Jones returns in fifth book, "Princess Cupcake Jones Saddles Up"!

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